Sunday, 11 January 2015

Women over time

Today I like to think on how women have transformed the world since the first person stepped foot on earth. It is without a doubt that women are our mothers. The people who grow us all into small, beautiful babies. It is because of women that all of us are around. Therefore I believe it is fair that women receive the gratitude for all that occurs on earth. It is my opinion, along with million others that women must glorified in all their essence for all that has occurred on this planet. Women have pulled through all difficulties of discrimination from empowerment like those from scholarly works in years of the past and are now highlighting success in some of the most recent findings, developments, essays, poems, Nobel Peace Prize winners and what not. Women have managed to cope with all the difficulty of being regarded as an equal to a men and do all this extraordinary work. A women has to find ways to be treated as an equal to a men who is the one discriminating her, this is horrendous acts that men must be brought to justice and face criminal charges so women can bring around a better change for everyone. Because of all this perseverance and hard work women are undoubtedly the greatest achievers and leaders of this planet and this has been the case since all time. I just can't wait when women are leaders of all spheres of influence on earth and men turn around glorifying the ones who gave birth to them and without whom they could not be alive. I mean what is the point or matter if a man is better built for construction if he disrespects a women who grown him inside of her womb. Women are the true designers of all living and women should be thanked for caring for us for nine months and thereafter for all the skyscrapers built because it is them where all mankind and their later works began and were foretold. I as a man of twenty four only wish I could be a girl and for what is worth I would marry another girl as this is a most incredible act when two women fall in love. Two women who care for all life and who are companions of those who have done so much over the course of the planet since beginning and illustrated just how much can be done through all imaginable difficulty. I thank all women and wish you all success in your lives forever! Love! Let us stay together forever!