Sunday, 11 January 2015

Women over time

Today I like to think on how women have transformed the world since the first person stepped foot on earth. It is without a doubt that women are our mothers. The people who grow us all into small, beautiful babies. It is because of women that all of us are around. Therefore I believe it is fair that women receive the gratitude for all that occurs on earth. It is my opinion, along with million others that women must glorified in all their essence for all that has occurred on this planet. Women have pulled through all difficulties of discrimination from empowerment like those from scholarly works in years of the past and are now highlighting success in some of the most recent findings, developments, essays, poems, Nobel Peace Prize winners and what not. Women have managed to cope with all the difficulty of being regarded as an equal to a men and do all this extraordinary work. A women has to find ways to be treated as an equal to a men who is the one discriminating her, this is horrendous acts that men must be brought to justice and face criminal charges so women can bring around a better change for everyone. Because of all this perseverance and hard work women are undoubtedly the greatest achievers and leaders of this planet and this has been the case since all time. I just can't wait when women are leaders of all spheres of influence on earth and men turn around glorifying the ones who gave birth to them and without whom they could not be alive. I mean what is the point or matter if a man is better built for construction if he disrespects a women who grown him inside of her womb. Women are the true designers of all living and women should be thanked for caring for us for nine months and thereafter for all the skyscrapers built because it is them where all mankind and their later works began and were foretold. I as a man of twenty four only wish I could be a girl and for what is worth I would marry another girl as this is a most incredible act when two women fall in love. Two women who care for all life and who are companions of those who have done so much over the course of the planet since beginning and illustrated just how much can be done through all imaginable difficulty. I thank all women and wish you all success in your lives forever! Love! Let us stay together forever!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Working for gender equality in employment

Last night I had been reading on the differences between Women's and Men's records in employment within European Union and I must say Our history in Women's career employment is below standards for equal career opportunities. Only the few national government's are led by a Women, parliaments are not gender representative and not Women orientated, businesses are not owned, directed or managed by Women. Young European girls are not brought up to leadership roles, instead are driven to focus on self-development programs or take part to campaigning, both of which are discriminative in Their growth to lead governments, parliaments or businesses. I believe Europe is failing to acknowledge Girls rights and We are diverted into an ongoing politics and campaigning of non-representational society. The amount of uneducated males in Europe is far too high a number. European teenage men spend Their childhood years absorbed in alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, sex, party and discrimination of respectable Men. I believe a large European proportion of Men are failing to acknowledge Rights of other Men. Other Men who work hard for Their own rights and Women's rights are undermined and not given credibility for working for better futures in All of Europe. I believe Europe is negligent to standards of rights and are far too discriminative in foreign policies, I believe without due development and respect for rights of Women and Men at home it is disrespectful to intervene in foreign relations when We are clearly not part to foreign national interests. I believe the governing bodies of Europe are diverting politics onto matters of non-concern, I believe Europe's highest concern is to evolve under Women's leadership and Europe is failing this.


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Women Leaders & Networking

In this article I wish to share some of the lessons I have been privileged to and have been led to learn from through inspiring, leading and professing Women via Twitter Network.

I am privileged to many lessons from many great speakers, writers, authors, editors, musicians, awareness campaigners, political activists, politicians, business leaders, and Everyone who only do good. I wish to thank You All and express my gratitude to Yourselves and Everyone welcome to Women's Rights, Women's Leadership, Women's Empowerment & Feminism.

Through the networks Women have created I am welcomed to great groups, organisations, campaigns, petitions, pledges, projects, thoughts, ideas, conversations, lessons, friendships, music, film, websites, to endless support in part to Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment.

I am welcomed to a network called 'I Am That Girl', Their lesson states "mental well-being is rooted in her self-worth. And we are living in an epidemic of self-doubt", I find the constant realisation of focused self-development as I learn to fight my self-doubt to realise the earth's dream of dignity to shed light on each and every Girl on this planet. Girls on earth are to walk each and every street in broadening lights of dignity, love, compassion, happiness, fulfilment to seek Their leadership in guiding each and every one angel born to a life of self-realisation as God's heavens intends for Each One of Us. Earth's mechanism of necessity to have people work for it to shed the environment with self-fulfilment, music, film, friendships, love, marriage, births, celebrations, 'Peter Pan experiences' and realise all of Our dreams is a gift that Women shares with Us upon Our welcome to society, whether it be a hospital birth, home birth, car birth, or under any circumstances and it is a requisite All People of earth work for Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment as these are Our favourite means to accomplishment. Earth has a right to life because Women shares life for We to realise Her greatest Right of leadership - birth. We are born thanking Women. Earth celebrates thanking Women's leadership of her birthing. Everyone works for Women's Rights through Women's leadership and Women's empowerment. Every latter realisation in Women's Rights is a forever greater celebration as Our origin of birthday has shed the following happiness. We will always follow Our birth to realise happiness, so lets start realising Women's Rights to start Our celebrations. I feel great privilege as Girls share Their stories how I am to assume my lifestyle to be able to learn the works required for my efforts to support society by all means for Her to witness how joy, friendships, love, careers and all Her wishes and dreams are welcoming Her to take part as She walks Her Red Shoes across the town bearing the fruits of happiness to Everyone in Her leadership as a Women. Girls on 'I Am That Girl' forces most sincere happiness within me as I stand abide learning how simplified my life may be lived for as long as She welcomes Everyone to contribute to Her leadership. I am able to find greatest happiness as feminine writing professes and I too write on the same greatest study on earth. To me Women's Rights are all God's works for I to study and be part to, they are all I require to realise my potential and be witness to a greatest lifestyle earth has to offer.

I have been welcomed to friendships with Female authors, shared finest conversations, been gifted a personal novel and I am now to read, understand, believe, share my inspirations and return to express my gratitudes and feelings from gains in lessons out the novel. I am to read a novel called 'The Making Of Nebraska Brown' by Louise Caiola. I am privileged to receive a personal electronic copy, a greatest of gifts - thank You Author Louise Caiola.

I have been welcomed to learn from inspiring Female Artists of art and music and even medical film. I am welcomed to studies in music where I am let to step in functioning of society as I study life's involvement through audio of vocals and melodies. I am welcomed to witness life of earth take part to presence of music, I am let to learn how a Female Artist leads Her performance and the amplifying audience's turn to social beliefs, it is a huge interest to witness participants and seek common works for Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment. Female Artists offer a unique source in music, a source to witness men be part to social standards, social behaviour, social norms, social beliefs, social perfection as illustrated in Female Artists music through Their expression of Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment. Earth has no end to Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment, for as long as it is a Mother welcoming an angel to earth, it is a Women's Right that Everyone dreams towards. I am too welcomed to study Women's interaction with artwork, I am privileged to find a Women's expression through art and share happiness in forms of inspiration.
I am too in great self-fulfilling happiness, study, learning and through shared conversations with leading Women at Women Like Us Foundation, Red Shoe Movement, Women Thrive, Women Working, Feminist, Feminist Campus, Women's Rights, among many others I learn of leadership for personal lifestyle. I believe personal leadership as a man is one working for Women's leadership. Since I am a Son, my greatest leadership qualities and skills have developed through works for Women's leadership, I believe these to be the means to successful leadership for Me - thank You Our Female leaders. Women are leading Us to successes of all kinds. One of Our greatest realisations now and of all time are when We are appreciating all that we cherish and shout out that this is only the occurrence due to Mothers let for We to develop. I am inspired to live in society where Women thrive in success of Their leadership for the development of Everyone. I am inspired by means to seek most just employment, work, friendship and passions of love as Women have guided I to all that I wish and that is life through Women's leadership since an infant, before and after years of growing up and growing old. I am presented with a greatest gift on earth the gift of leadership, I am most honoured, cared for and loved while Women are leading all spheres of society that influence me greatest. Sure I am too less intrigued in other works of other people but this too is only a celebration for all witnessing, illustrating the decree to which I am fortunate enough to aspire to work for all wishes and dreams of Women, this is a great base for new friendships and it is a greatest of origins. Now I dream to force myself to be a favourite of employees at work, community and friendships with society presenting Women in majority of occupations, it is not enough that Women are Our greatest leaders - We must earn a lifestyle where Women occupy the greatest majority of occupations at the highest tier with All of Us remaining working for Women as instructed. It is wrong to be part to behaviourism forcing weaknesses in character by means of governing a Lady and seeking Our greatest Leader - Our Mother , to work under the demeaning circumstance of a men's supervision while desiring children, who men often manipulate into evil demeanour and force ridicule on all successful men. Successful men who work for Women. Men who work for Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment.



Persons & Communities via Twitter Network:

Monday, 3 February 2014

World's Women

In this article I write on World's Women. This is a short summarised post addressing World's Women from United Nations.

Women's labour force between 1990-2010 hovers around 52%. In 2010 Women's labour force remain below 30% in Northern Africa and Western Asia, below 40% in Southern Africa and below 50% in Caribbean and Central America. Women are world's leaders and if a single Lady wishes for career I believe it is for We All to build opportunities for this to be realised. Everyone on this planet is a tool to support a single mechanism, the mechanism is Women's Empowerment. We will always work towards Women's Empowerment, We will never reach the ends to Women's Empowerment for as long as We live. I believe a Women to be a greatest leader for She is a Women who inspires All People to life. Women's leadership qualities has shown Women are better prepared at tackling all bureaucracy work, Women are better at tackling all judicial hearings, Women are better at tackling all governance positions. Women exemplify superior results to those of all others, as always proving greater inspiration to We All. Our modern day statistics are a beautiful example how Women have let Us All in this leadership and Women's self Empowerment. Now We must All forever more support earth and present Ourselves to continued Women's Empowerment, Women's Leadership. Our greatest gifts on earth are Women's Rights, these rights are what lets We All Empower Women and have Women lead Us All in everyday life. Women's Rights to Leadership are indisputable and forever will remain Our greatest rights. For every man on this planet our greatest and most precious right of all constitutional rights is one of Women's Rights. Women's Rights are what keeps Our earth spinning and what is letting Our children travel to space and beyond, it is Women's Rights that has led Us to Our accomplishments. The greater the Women's Rights the greater Our accomplishments are since We grow Women's Empowerment further. I believe these statistics will always grow and We must work with all of Our hearts to make it happen now.

Women are under represented in national parliaments, accounting for only 17%. Women among ministers also only make up 17%. Only 7 of 150 elected Heads of State in the world are Women and only 11 of 192 Heads of Government are Women. At the local government, female councillors are under represented in all regions of the world, same is for mayors too. I struggle to understand the success of governance other than that of a Lady, without a Lady in government we are only falsely advocating bureaucracy that has no more meaning but to occupy false development - We are not preceding to successes, We are consumers of inefficient psychology. Buildings, bridges and all We walk around may be built but does it in any shape or form represent Our habitat that We are to live in? I do not agree. In many cases in men led governance We are experiencing either destruction or self proclaimed occupation to engineer personal artefacts that have no more significance than a dust bowl. I believe Everyone must stand and work to ask, plead, support, encourage and work for Women to take government as They are present to do. We can no longer stand at the sides discussing of the difficulties - it is wastage of time. In other parts of the world We must address Women's governance by means of politics. Today, Our governments talk of warfare and destruction while refusing to break down the corruption and introduce Women in government who aspire to lead Their nations. We are living in times where Our government officials are merely distracting entire public with how unstable and  none secure a region is in turn manifesting as a representative when I seek not to discuss foreign agenda but support Women's Empowerment at home, too Our government leaders are misinterpreting what needs to be done with none secure regions - they are suggesting a new men leader to government, not a Women. We are led to these statistics by many officials who are directly refusing to accept Women's Leadership is earth's Leadership, it is a Leadership that We seek and expect. I believe with Everyone's continued works We are certain to attain Women in government all over the earth when We will celebrate Our accomplishments together.

Women make up only 13 chief executives in the 500 largest corporations in the world. 13 Female chief executives of 500 largest corporations is simply unacceptable, I fail to accept I am 23 years of age and Our society is obstructing Women's Leadership. These companies have been growing a long time and my life alone is a failure in all business terms. My entire 23 years of age is a failure to live in a business environment mainly built by Women. Women are family leaders, caring for children every day since time beginning - these are the business minds of Our time. Women are the family leader who has cared for every child on earth and has shown perfectly well how a busy schedule is made a success, I understand this is leadership to my lifestyle. We have enough earth for We All to grow enough companies for We All to support Our Lady Leaders. It is possible. We must work to change Our business environment from the very beginning of its time for We to accomplish success as it asked to be and We will achieve.

In family life Women fulfil the greatest workload. I thank my Mum for leading my life as I support Women's Leadership. A single greatest business to my life is Women's Empowerment, I certainly only assume the business environment not actual obscurities of distraction as transactions or otherwise (I may have failed to humour with 'transactions'). I personally dream to accomplish every wish of One Lady whom I am to marry to. The idea of workload is too great of a celebration not to jump ahead and realise it, lets hope workload presents in my favour.

In 2006 there were almost 10.5 million more Women than men in Russian Federation. Russian Federation is an example of a failing government, with more Women than men and not a Lady in government We are a non working Eurasian plateau. A nation with a greatest landmass of a single speaking language is not led by a most popular representative - a Lady, this is worrying for politics all around the earth. Russian Federation needs to be at the helm of a Lady for Our earth's celebrations. I believe for a land with greatest mass, speaking a single language it is pleasure for We All to celebrate Women's Leadership in a longest language stretching nation. Personally, it is unbearable to realise other government than one of a Women's Leadership. I dream to realise Our Russian Federation governed by a Lady when a language stretches from the Baltic to the Pacific in a single voice of a Lady. I understand Our entire earth community must work to realise this right now.

Women are more likely to die from cardiovascular diseases. Breast cancer tops the global cancer list. My feel saddened, I am upset that Women encounter illnesses. I only pray to God Women are forever healthy and blessed in God's love and care. "Women constitute the majority of HIV-positive adults in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East". We must fight the origins of these illnesses and present Ourselves prepared to tackle its worries. I pray Our global community fighting HIV is able to present itself substantial and conquer HIV. "The vast majority of the over half a million maternal deaths in 2005 occurred in developing countries". Governments are not realising opportunities to aid for Everyone who have been left away from development and care centres. It is vital We All continue  best efforts to be present for Everyone who needs Our aid and support. Being a single community requires We All to be part to every life on earth, none of We are a variance to earth's life, We are All of a same beginning. "The proportion of pregnant women receiving prenatal care is on the rise in many regions". Prenatal care is vital assistance to all Women and Families, We are All required to ensure a greater lifestyle for Every person on this earth. "Despite intensified efforts for reduction, Africa remains the region with the highest child mortality". We are able to combat child mortality in many ways, developing and aiding housing, hospitals, markets, hospitals, schools, are what keeps life thriving. We are All required to keep focus on providing for Everyone who has been not present through constructions of housing, market and hospitals, We are all People who are to realise opportunities for Everyone else. It is a celebration when We realise opportunities with Others.

Women make up less than 10% of researchers in Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea and Senegal. In countries like Cape Verde, Lesotho, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Philippines and Thailand, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela,  Women make up half or slightly more than half researchers. Most importantly We must work to ensure every Girl is inspired, welcomed and is living Her perfect lifestyle while at school and universities for Her to grow to realise all She dreams. Only through Everyone's work from the early ages of young Girls are We to support Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment to in turn celebrate Women's Rights when We accomplish the first two missions. The average share of Women researchers in Africa is 33%. In North Africa Women make up 36% of researchers. In Sub-Saharan Women make up 28% of researchers. Countries in Central Asia have recorded highest shares of researchers at 49%. In Southern Asia the percentage is extremely below the global average at 29%. Bangladesh and India compile 42% of Women in research. Nepal, Japan and the Republic of Korea report lowest percentages in the region at 15% or below. In South Eastern Asia Women make up 40% of researchers, national levels vary between 21% in Cambodia and 85% in Myanmar. Philippines and Thailand account for less than a quarter of those with available data in Asia. In Latin America and the Caribbean Women make up 46% of researchers, exceeding current global average. In the United States Virgin Islands Women in research stands at 18% and at 52% in Venezuela. In Europe Women account for 33% of researchers. While the regional proportion is above the global average, in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland Women account for 30% or less of researchers. In Eastern and Southern Europe Women make up 41% and 37% of researchers. Gender parity has been achieved in Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.

Women's participation in the labour market is steady between 1990 and 2010, men's has declined. Steady performances in work by Women is another privileging inspiration gained to support Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment. The gender gap in labour market remains high, being less volatile for younger people. Women are increasingly employed in the service sector.  In Africa and Asia employment is vulnerable, high levels of family work. The informal sector is an important source of employment for Women. Women spend twice as much time as men on domestic work and work longer hours than men. Only half of world's countries meet international standard for minimum duration of maternity leave and only two out of five meet the minimum standard for cash benefits, Women are too not protected by Our legal systems. We are required to meet financial demands when Women are maternity leave. We can no longer subtract earth's life to exchange for military, technology and other salaries. Our demands are to provide for Women, through maternity leave and after. We must meet the demands of Our children not forced society into illusion of foreign intervention. Maternity leave care, health care and Women's Rights are of greatest importance in each and every nation. Every Women must be adequately met in demand for financial aid while away from career aspirations.

Women between the ages 25-54 have higher labour force participation rates compared to 1990 as exemplified in Chile, Italy and Tunisia. In Eastern Europe participation of Women in the labour force declined since 1990 because of failed economies that led to elimination of childcare benefits, when Women were too caring for Their children. In Bulgaria the labour force of Women between ages 55-59 has increased from 11% to 62% between 1992-2007.

Eastern Europe has highest Female judiciary seating. In 11 of 12 countries in sub-region female judges outnumber male judges with 64% of all judges. It is very different in the Supreme Court. In Bulgaria and Romania Women hold 78% and 75% of Supreme Court seats.One of two judges in Honduras is Women and one third of judges in Philippines are Women. India and Pakistan share no Women as judges in their supreme courts. Our judicial system must represent Women's Leadership, must implement Women's Rights and must function to Empower Women. Thus, this is a vital system of society to be represented by Women, Our greatest leaders.

A minimum of 12 international courts only have 30% of Women judges. International Criminal Court (ICC) has 7 of 18 judges as Women, this is achieved because of Rome Statute requesting fair representation of Women. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has no Women judges. International Court of Justice has only 7% of judges as Women. Women's presence in courts must exceed 50% for We to be represented fairly. A Women has a greater role in family, in marriage and in all life and a court is a place Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment is implemented and grown.

European Commission tells that only 25% of non-political administrative positions are held by Women and 33% second-level administrative positions in government ministries. Women occupy only 33% of highest-level positions in socio-cultural ministries compared to only 22% in ministries with basic functions. Women lead 41 statistical offices worldwide of the 190 present, 22%. These statistics must grow to above fifty per cent for society to be administered by Women at a minimum. Administrative jobs are superior jobs to many others, Women are greatest leaders, meaning Women must lead administrative functions. I believe to be a greatest privilege to be administered by a Women. I certainly rather decline administrative role than be administered by a Women. I seek inspiration and dream to to build my motivation to highest happiness and this requires Women's Leadership. Women's Leadership, Women's Empowerment and Women's Rights are my personal rights and I am not to be anything but happy and celebrating as this is my birth right.

Women make up only 20% to 30% of directors, assistant secretaries-general and under-secretaries-general. We must work to reach Female directors, assistant secretaries-general and under-secretaries-general to over 50% and more, this is what society requires on an Lady governing earth and We will reach Our reality.

Women comprise 16% of board of directors of Standard and Poor 500 companies. Highest proportion of Female directors is in Norway, 42%. Finland has 24% of Female directors and Sweden 22%. Top companies must be directed by Women. Women are greatest leaders, all statistics are examples to this, it is now We must be directed and administered by Leading Women.

Directors and chief executives who are Women in Eastern Europe ranges from 15%-37%, 6%-7% in Western Europe, four countries in Asia from 3% to 48%. In six out of eight Eastern European countries Women comprised 25% of directors and chief executives. The large majority of countries in this region has Women as directors and chief executives at 20%. In Philippines and Thailand has 48% and 32% Women as directors and chief executives. Only 13 of 500 largest companies has a Women as a CEO. Only in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Norway has Women at a minor 10% of country's top companies as chairman of the board. European statistics offer a mere 3% of Women as chairman of the board for top companies. Women's Rights, Women's Leadership and Women's Empowerment requires Women to lead Our society. We are All a function to enable Ourselves to live under Women's Leadership in Women's Rights and for Women's Empowerment.

Women account for two thirds of world's 774 million illiterates. 72 million children are out of school, 54% being Girls. I am astounded to realise how much Women accomplish while We are under the effects of 774 million illiterates, 54% being Girls. Women are supreme leading Persons. Women's accomplishment are natural to Their Rights, Leadership and Empowerment. I thank All Women for Empowering me every moment to dream to be part to Women's Rights, to share Women's Rights as a personal right - it is a greatest privilege and gift to share Women's Rights as a personal right. Women Empower greatest and I live and work for Women's Empowerment, Women's Leadership and Women's Rights.


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life through governance of First Lady President Dalia Grybauskaite

Today I wish to talk from my dreams to live in a Lady governed society. Today living in Lithuania I am privileged to be led by President Dalia Grybauskaite. Greatest feeling - to be a son & follow teachings as introduced to by President Dalia Grybauskaite. Greatest dream - to always live in a Lady governed nation. To live a life of a son I share only one dream, a dream to work for Women's empowerment. I understand We will never reach the ends to Women's empowerment and this is too a greatest motive, drive and lesson to live up to. I am honoured to be taught that I am to be born to have a dream, that I am born to share the same inspiration as Everyone else since time beginning, that I am born to share the same mission and same objective and this is to work for Women's forever growing leadership and empowerment. I live to experience and share talks of life having learned ever more of how Women lead, to learn how conversations are to be shared and in what manner and through which accomplishments we discuss of the changes in Women's leadership. I feel the huge privilege to learn of how Women experience an all new day in Their leadership. I feel privilege to learn how Women wish for Us all to live having led Us All for as long as We have been privileged to such honour. I love how I am welcomed to talk to Everyone of my experience through Women's leadership. I have new feelings of happiness every day of my life and all this is because of the privileges Women let me have. I understand my life could be very saddened and that I may be led to feel left out and now I talk how all this is impossible because of Women's works. For as long as Women share Their teachings through all areas of life, in all environments it is impossible not to find inspiration and motive to work to support my lifestyle by working to progress Women's empowerment. As a son who shares a Mum as do We All, my greatest lesson to this day is my gratitude for having had my life develop through my Mum's love, care, security and All for an isolating from All other life on earth for a period of nine months and now I have grown to great happiness, intelligence and motives to realise Our dream to forever live under the guidance of Women. My greatest joy is to thank God for welcoming me to earth through my Mum's life to grow and start my works for Women's empowerment & Women's leadership. I believe my works as those of All other man on earth to work for forever growing Women's empowerment and leadership is a greatest gift and privilege - this gift & privilege invites me and welcomes me to greatest times of laughter, joy, conversations and most of all talks of thanking Women for Their natural superiority to birth life and thus forever lead We All on this planet and all other planets just as Women have done this already. Women teach every child a greatest lesson - We have All been born innocent, We have All been born equals and always All life on earth will remain equal. I, as a man only and with greatest joy have to balance a lifestyle to complement Our works for Women's empowerment and grow personal and Everyone's gratitude for Women's leadership. I thank Women for gifting me with a greatest life.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Women's Government - YES. Personal experience & understanding of modern day Men lead governance - AGAINST

This is a detailed article, sadly/unfortunately/as saddening as this is/worryingly as always, outlines/exemplifies the outraging statistics of twentyfirst century life in modern day society. For Women - who are a sole life on earth letting We all exist to live through the undermining/solitude/forced isolation of Their rights/employment power/governing power/social life/acceptance/family life/Their will, love, wishes and dreams to share families through all the spoken of inequality/abuse of power/outrage in regard to implementations of statutes in concern to Women's personal life by an anti-natural ideologue of men are/always have been/still are/always will remain to be a greatest threat to life on this earth. There is no single or multi-counting bigger threat than that of unequal and I will say of supreme rights of Women to all of life on this planet and anywhere else in Our single greatest living of All. It is truly an outrage to live in modern day society where Women are not a sole Leading Governmental force. To my and in my understanding it is unnatural to present myself or for any other living and lived through past times man in any living life against the supremacy of Women. It is unnatural. It is wrong. It needs to be implied as so by every living being on this planet. For a case study lets take crime. Under what circumstances does a life other than a man commit crime against modern day statute? The answer is under the circumstances of forced psychological (as disgusting as this is to write in regard to psychological attitudes forced upon life by man who subsequently force oblivion in a life to disregard all the wondrous presence of a Women within them) pressures. The crime statistics are incomparable of those between Women and men. Our society is a twisted form to life. There is manslaughter, murder, victimised crime, social abuse, social discrimination, and all evils in many regions in this planet and in certain communities of politics We are finding the disorientating acts/behaviours of men that are forcing implicit social/political/economic wills in our picked out political societies instead of focusing how to supplement the governance of Women within a picked out political society and too draw their works on bringing down evil where dictatorships of men are present on this planet. I kindly ask Anyone reading to supplement my life's learning and introduce me to understanding how a political man presents himself in a political society, precedes to disorientate the society it implies its governance to so as isolate and isolating Women from their RIGHTS, introduces and passes constitutions, builds forces of weapons to contract this mechanism of Women's solitude from their natural RIGHTS and yet finds his little car to drive his exclusionary tactician self home to have dinner. On a planet where I, a young man is conceived by a Women, having been governed, protected by no weapons or contractual security man and only by the love of carriage how I do find myself implicitly ridiculed by the government of twentyfirst century? The answer is the populous political society of men is ridiculing every second to my life by rejecting me a greatest gist a man can offer to a young son and the gift is a Women's lead government all over the planet to complement a little young lad upon his innocent birth, implicitly sharing the unique and a privileged life to continue to be governed by a Women upon Our miraculous and if I may say Our unfortunate departure from Our Mother's womb. I wish to continue my understanding through Your comments. Thank You. I VOTE and ASK to be let to live on a WOMEN"S LEAD earth. Thank You.