Saturday, 25 January 2014

Women's Government - YES. Personal experience & understanding of modern day Men lead governance - AGAINST

This is a detailed article, sadly/unfortunately/as saddening as this is/worryingly as always, outlines/exemplifies the outraging statistics of twentyfirst century life in modern day society. For Women - who are a sole life on earth letting We all exist to live through the undermining/solitude/forced isolation of Their rights/employment power/governing power/social life/acceptance/family life/Their will, love, wishes and dreams to share families through all the spoken of inequality/abuse of power/outrage in regard to implementations of statutes in concern to Women's personal life by an anti-natural ideologue of men are/always have been/still are/always will remain to be a greatest threat to life on this earth. There is no single or multi-counting bigger threat than that of unequal and I will say of supreme rights of Women to all of life on this planet and anywhere else in Our single greatest living of All. It is truly an outrage to live in modern day society where Women are not a sole Leading Governmental force. To my and in my understanding it is unnatural to present myself or for any other living and lived through past times man in any living life against the supremacy of Women. It is unnatural. It is wrong. It needs to be implied as so by every living being on this planet. For a case study lets take crime. Under what circumstances does a life other than a man commit crime against modern day statute? The answer is under the circumstances of forced psychological (as disgusting as this is to write in regard to psychological attitudes forced upon life by man who subsequently force oblivion in a life to disregard all the wondrous presence of a Women within them) pressures. The crime statistics are incomparable of those between Women and men. Our society is a twisted form to life. There is manslaughter, murder, victimised crime, social abuse, social discrimination, and all evils in many regions in this planet and in certain communities of politics We are finding the disorientating acts/behaviours of men that are forcing implicit social/political/economic wills in our picked out political societies instead of focusing how to supplement the governance of Women within a picked out political society and too draw their works on bringing down evil where dictatorships of men are present on this planet. I kindly ask Anyone reading to supplement my life's learning and introduce me to understanding how a political man presents himself in a political society, precedes to disorientate the society it implies its governance to so as isolate and isolating Women from their RIGHTS, introduces and passes constitutions, builds forces of weapons to contract this mechanism of Women's solitude from their natural RIGHTS and yet finds his little car to drive his exclusionary tactician self home to have dinner. On a planet where I, a young man is conceived by a Women, having been governed, protected by no weapons or contractual security man and only by the love of carriage how I do find myself implicitly ridiculed by the government of twentyfirst century? The answer is the populous political society of men is ridiculing every second to my life by rejecting me a greatest gist a man can offer to a young son and the gift is a Women's lead government all over the planet to complement a little young lad upon his innocent birth, implicitly sharing the unique and a privileged life to continue to be governed by a Women upon Our miraculous and if I may say Our unfortunate departure from Our Mother's womb. I wish to continue my understanding through Your comments. Thank You. I VOTE and ASK to be let to live on a WOMEN"S LEAD earth. Thank You.