Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life through governance of First Lady President Dalia Grybauskaite

Today I wish to talk from my dreams to live in a Lady governed society. Today living in Lithuania I am privileged to be led by President Dalia Grybauskaite. Greatest feeling - to be a son & follow teachings as introduced to by President Dalia Grybauskaite. Greatest dream - to always live in a Lady governed nation. To live a life of a son I share only one dream, a dream to work for Women's empowerment. I understand We will never reach the ends to Women's empowerment and this is too a greatest motive, drive and lesson to live up to. I am honoured to be taught that I am to be born to have a dream, that I am born to share the same inspiration as Everyone else since time beginning, that I am born to share the same mission and same objective and this is to work for Women's forever growing leadership and empowerment. I live to experience and share talks of life having learned ever more of how Women lead, to learn how conversations are to be shared and in what manner and through which accomplishments we discuss of the changes in Women's leadership. I feel the huge privilege to learn of how Women experience an all new day in Their leadership. I feel privilege to learn how Women wish for Us all to live having led Us All for as long as We have been privileged to such honour. I love how I am welcomed to talk to Everyone of my experience through Women's leadership. I have new feelings of happiness every day of my life and all this is because of the privileges Women let me have. I understand my life could be very saddened and that I may be led to feel left out and now I talk how all this is impossible because of Women's works. For as long as Women share Their teachings through all areas of life, in all environments it is impossible not to find inspiration and motive to work to support my lifestyle by working to progress Women's empowerment. As a son who shares a Mum as do We All, my greatest lesson to this day is my gratitude for having had my life develop through my Mum's love, care, security and All for an isolating from All other life on earth for a period of nine months and now I have grown to great happiness, intelligence and motives to realise Our dream to forever live under the guidance of Women. My greatest joy is to thank God for welcoming me to earth through my Mum's life to grow and start my works for Women's empowerment & Women's leadership. I believe my works as those of All other man on earth to work for forever growing Women's empowerment and leadership is a greatest gift and privilege - this gift & privilege invites me and welcomes me to greatest times of laughter, joy, conversations and most of all talks of thanking Women for Their natural superiority to birth life and thus forever lead We All on this planet and all other planets just as Women have done this already. Women teach every child a greatest lesson - We have All been born innocent, We have All been born equals and always All life on earth will remain equal. I, as a man only and with greatest joy have to balance a lifestyle to complement Our works for Women's empowerment and grow personal and Everyone's gratitude for Women's leadership. I thank Women for gifting me with a greatest life.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Women's Government - YES. Personal experience & understanding of modern day Men lead governance - AGAINST

This is a detailed article, sadly/unfortunately/as saddening as this is/worryingly as always, outlines/exemplifies the outraging statistics of twentyfirst century life in modern day society. For Women - who are a sole life on earth letting We all exist to live through the undermining/solitude/forced isolation of Their rights/employment power/governing power/social life/acceptance/family life/Their will, love, wishes and dreams to share families through all the spoken of inequality/abuse of power/outrage in regard to implementations of statutes in concern to Women's personal life by an anti-natural ideologue of men are/always have been/still are/always will remain to be a greatest threat to life on this earth. There is no single or multi-counting bigger threat than that of unequal and I will say of supreme rights of Women to all of life on this planet and anywhere else in Our single greatest living of All. It is truly an outrage to live in modern day society where Women are not a sole Leading Governmental force. To my and in my understanding it is unnatural to present myself or for any other living and lived through past times man in any living life against the supremacy of Women. It is unnatural. It is wrong. It needs to be implied as so by every living being on this planet. For a case study lets take crime. Under what circumstances does a life other than a man commit crime against modern day statute? The answer is under the circumstances of forced psychological (as disgusting as this is to write in regard to psychological attitudes forced upon life by man who subsequently force oblivion in a life to disregard all the wondrous presence of a Women within them) pressures. The crime statistics are incomparable of those between Women and men. Our society is a twisted form to life. There is manslaughter, murder, victimised crime, social abuse, social discrimination, and all evils in many regions in this planet and in certain communities of politics We are finding the disorientating acts/behaviours of men that are forcing implicit social/political/economic wills in our picked out political societies instead of focusing how to supplement the governance of Women within a picked out political society and too draw their works on bringing down evil where dictatorships of men are present on this planet. I kindly ask Anyone reading to supplement my life's learning and introduce me to understanding how a political man presents himself in a political society, precedes to disorientate the society it implies its governance to so as isolate and isolating Women from their RIGHTS, introduces and passes constitutions, builds forces of weapons to contract this mechanism of Women's solitude from their natural RIGHTS and yet finds his little car to drive his exclusionary tactician self home to have dinner. On a planet where I, a young man is conceived by a Women, having been governed, protected by no weapons or contractual security man and only by the love of carriage how I do find myself implicitly ridiculed by the government of twentyfirst century? The answer is the populous political society of men is ridiculing every second to my life by rejecting me a greatest gist a man can offer to a young son and the gift is a Women's lead government all over the planet to complement a little young lad upon his innocent birth, implicitly sharing the unique and a privileged life to continue to be governed by a Women upon Our miraculous and if I may say Our unfortunate departure from Our Mother's womb. I wish to continue my understanding through Your comments. Thank You. I VOTE and ASK to be let to live on a WOMEN"S LEAD earth. Thank You.


Friday, 24 January 2014

Lessons from @RedShoeMovement

I am very happy to share a wonderful experience. I am daily tweeting @RedShoeMovement, the thoughts, ideas and works of kindness, influences, inspirations, friendships, support and care shared and taught are of huge, amazing, great value, significance and greatness. Red Shoe Movement's lessons are truly educational. It is a huge pleasure to daily read through Red Shoe Movement's thoughts, lessons and suggested learning means. Red Shoe Movement shape my entire day into one phenomenal lifestyle. Now I am thinking to myself how much I missed out only several years back into my past having not been led to learn of the works of All teachers at Red Shoe Movement. I am certain to continue my growth in life through continued means of devotion as so perfectly, wonderfully, influentially and inspirationally done by Red Shoe Movement and study their continually supportive lessons. I am certain to in return attain most caring, loving, educated, aiding, supportive lifestyle to help through every experience and work throughout life. Red Shoe Movement's Red Tuesday lets me be part of a leading, wondrous community of people around the world. The smiles Red Tuesdays have given me are a best of times. I share a huge privilege to favour, tweet and re-tweet their posts. Red Shoe Movement share amazing people who are always sharing conversations with me, bringing most sincere wishes to be part of their life into a true wonderful reality. I am very privileged to live a life along the lifestyles and works of inspirational leaders as Janean Baird @turquoisetangle & Tina Cornely @tinacornely. I wish to Thank You all leading Women from the depths of my heart. I am given a unique privilege to aid my life according to the leading Women of earth and this is a single greatest wish and dream to come true and You have made this happen. Thank You very much.

Through Our conversations I wish to share several thoughts of Red Shoe Movement that have inspired, taught me and introduced me to all new strength to beliefs:

Jan 18
RT “: Happy Birthday to , you are an inspiration to people everywhere to be the best they can be!”


When you stand up for yourself, you stand up for ALL women! 

Hope you’ll continue to share Kaitlin’s story in support of empowering students & schools everywhere:  

our pleasure, thank you for all you support!!

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"...the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others."

Who else has a long weekend? ENJOY EVERY BIT OF IT!

Biathlete gives up Olympic spot to her twin sister! An empowering story of ultimate support:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Women's gift

I am learning from many Women all around the globe. A great number of visits to Women developed websites, all sharing accounts of life, letting man as I learn of how society needs, must and shall go forward through their governance. I am proudly able to view life through a Women's perspective, ideology and command - this is a great self-fulfilling experience. My joy, learning and drive are letting me awake in greatest of happiness each morning. I no longer feel tiredness, sleepliness or find myself at difficulty to share the best of life experiences. The wondrous gift Women have shared with We, with I is driving me to celebrate every moment as I study how my life is to be lived according to Our ideal life-a Women's life. Your (Women's) education through Your talks, inspirations, motivations, ideas, life suggestive trajectories and all the wonder You teach We is letting me into a life that is relative to the wishes and dreams of Women around the world. This is truly, honestly and most sincerely a most beautiful, kind, supportive and thoughful gift to receive from All Women of the world.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mum is greatest

First I wish to thank Mum for all Her love. Thank You Mum. I loved reading this article. It has tough me how a Mum thinks, experiences and joys motherhood. Great experience.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Women and human rights. Amnesty International

Great article. I love to learn of Amnesty's growing efforts for Women and human rights. Growing awareness, more publications, more readers and more bloggers. More people discussing the same topic of Women rights and human rights.


Women's rights are human rights

The continuous work on Women's rights is key to the success of human rights. Women's rights are most important rights in our society. Their implementation and successful addressing is of highest importance and we all need to work towards this great goal.


Accounts of men's roles on women's equality

I believe men need to do all in advocacy, implementation and success of women's rights, their projects and life trajectories.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

CLOC Via Campesina. Latin America. Gender Equality

Women are doing so much great work all around the globe. Another article sharing these views. Very interesting, educating read.


Women through Egyptian uprising

This article explains how women experienced their lives through the uprisings in Egypt. I quickly note how women are not given and often do not have the possibilities to establish media platforms to speak out on their own experiences, beliefs and trajectories for social, political and economic life in Egypt. With so much going on through the streets of Egypt women are quickly left to stand at the sides and not have the possibilities to share their perspectives. Violence and constant marches are what prohibits women to be on the streets. In the cases where women are not able to participate due to family reasons forces them to be left out even greater.

Women's works to bring their rights forward have established strong platform to work from for the greater of young women growing up.


Collecive Action groups by Women for Women in Ethiopia

Women in Ethiopia are starting their own collective action groups. Women of younger age are able to collect honey and sell at local markets at low prices. The findings in this article show this experience to differ to that of Oxfam's findings through research in Mali and Tanzania where working women are often married, with families to care for and are of older age. These small start ups are perfect illustrations of development in the African towns where opportunities are scarce but people have high motivations, dreams and are committed workers of the land. The article exemplifies the mass opportunities available for investors, student work projects, international programs financed by governmental institutions.