Sunday, 16 February 2014

Working for gender equality in employment

Last night I had been reading on the differences between Women's and Men's records in employment within European Union and I must say Our history in Women's career employment is below standards for equal career opportunities. Only the few national government's are led by a Women, parliaments are not gender representative and not Women orientated, businesses are not owned, directed or managed by Women. Young European girls are not brought up to leadership roles, instead are driven to focus on self-development programs or take part to campaigning, both of which are discriminative in Their growth to lead governments, parliaments or businesses. I believe Europe is failing to acknowledge Girls rights and We are diverted into an ongoing politics and campaigning of non-representational society. The amount of uneducated males in Europe is far too high a number. European teenage men spend Their childhood years absorbed in alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, sex, party and discrimination of respectable Men. I believe a large European proportion of Men are failing to acknowledge Rights of other Men. Other Men who work hard for Their own rights and Women's rights are undermined and not given credibility for working for better futures in All of Europe. I believe Europe is negligent to standards of rights and are far too discriminative in foreign policies, I believe without due development and respect for rights of Women and Men at home it is disrespectful to intervene in foreign relations when We are clearly not part to foreign national interests. I believe the governing bodies of Europe are diverting politics onto matters of non-concern, I believe Europe's highest concern is to evolve under Women's leadership and Europe is failing this.