Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life through governance of First Lady President Dalia Grybauskaite

Today I wish to talk from my dreams to live in a Lady governed society. Today living in Lithuania I am privileged to be led by President Dalia Grybauskaite. Greatest feeling - to be a son & follow teachings as introduced to by President Dalia Grybauskaite. Greatest dream - to always live in a Lady governed nation. To live a life of a son I share only one dream, a dream to work for Women's empowerment. I understand We will never reach the ends to Women's empowerment and this is too a greatest motive, drive and lesson to live up to. I am honoured to be taught that I am to be born to have a dream, that I am born to share the same inspiration as Everyone else since time beginning, that I am born to share the same mission and same objective and this is to work for Women's forever growing leadership and empowerment. I live to experience and share talks of life having learned ever more of how Women lead, to learn how conversations are to be shared and in what manner and through which accomplishments we discuss of the changes in Women's leadership. I feel the huge privilege to learn of how Women experience an all new day in Their leadership. I feel privilege to learn how Women wish for Us all to live having led Us All for as long as We have been privileged to such honour. I love how I am welcomed to talk to Everyone of my experience through Women's leadership. I have new feelings of happiness every day of my life and all this is because of the privileges Women let me have. I understand my life could be very saddened and that I may be led to feel left out and now I talk how all this is impossible because of Women's works. For as long as Women share Their teachings through all areas of life, in all environments it is impossible not to find inspiration and motive to work to support my lifestyle by working to progress Women's empowerment. As a son who shares a Mum as do We All, my greatest lesson to this day is my gratitude for having had my life develop through my Mum's love, care, security and All for an isolating from All other life on earth for a period of nine months and now I have grown to great happiness, intelligence and motives to realise Our dream to forever live under the guidance of Women. My greatest joy is to thank God for welcoming me to earth through my Mum's life to grow and start my works for Women's empowerment & Women's leadership. I believe my works as those of All other man on earth to work for forever growing Women's empowerment and leadership is a greatest gift and privilege - this gift & privilege invites me and welcomes me to greatest times of laughter, joy, conversations and most of all talks of thanking Women for Their natural superiority to birth life and thus forever lead We All on this planet and all other planets just as Women have done this already. Women teach every child a greatest lesson - We have All been born innocent, We have All been born equals and always All life on earth will remain equal. I, as a man only and with greatest joy have to balance a lifestyle to complement Our works for Women's empowerment and grow personal and Everyone's gratitude for Women's leadership. I thank Women for gifting me with a greatest life.