Friday, 24 January 2014

Lessons from @RedShoeMovement

I am very happy to share a wonderful experience. I am daily tweeting @RedShoeMovement, the thoughts, ideas and works of kindness, influences, inspirations, friendships, support and care shared and taught are of huge, amazing, great value, significance and greatness. Red Shoe Movement's lessons are truly educational. It is a huge pleasure to daily read through Red Shoe Movement's thoughts, lessons and suggested learning means. Red Shoe Movement shape my entire day into one phenomenal lifestyle. Now I am thinking to myself how much I missed out only several years back into my past having not been led to learn of the works of All teachers at Red Shoe Movement. I am certain to continue my growth in life through continued means of devotion as so perfectly, wonderfully, influentially and inspirationally done by Red Shoe Movement and study their continually supportive lessons. I am certain to in return attain most caring, loving, educated, aiding, supportive lifestyle to help through every experience and work throughout life. Red Shoe Movement's Red Tuesday lets me be part of a leading, wondrous community of people around the world. The smiles Red Tuesdays have given me are a best of times. I share a huge privilege to favour, tweet and re-tweet their posts. Red Shoe Movement share amazing people who are always sharing conversations with me, bringing most sincere wishes to be part of their life into a true wonderful reality. I am very privileged to live a life along the lifestyles and works of inspirational leaders as Janean Baird @turquoisetangle & Tina Cornely @tinacornely. I wish to Thank You all leading Women from the depths of my heart. I am given a unique privilege to aid my life according to the leading Women of earth and this is a single greatest wish and dream to come true and You have made this happen. Thank You very much.

Through Our conversations I wish to share several thoughts of Red Shoe Movement that have inspired, taught me and introduced me to all new strength to beliefs:

Jan 18
RT “: Happy Birthday to , you are an inspiration to people everywhere to be the best they can be!”


When you stand up for yourself, you stand up for ALL women! 

Hope you’ll continue to share Kaitlin’s story in support of empowering students & schools everywhere:  

our pleasure, thank you for all you support!!

MT “: Tomorrow is Tuesday, wearing a red tie?

"...the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others."

Who else has a long weekend? ENJOY EVERY BIT OF IT!

Biathlete gives up Olympic spot to her twin sister! An empowering story of ultimate support: